Terrain.org  welcomes submissions on place, climate, and justice from new and experienced authors and artists alike.

General submissions of poetry, nonfiction, and fiction open on October 1, 2024. (No entry fee, $50 paid per contribution.)

Submissions to the 15th Annual Contests in Poetry, Nonfiction, and Fiction are open May 1 - September 2, 2024. ($20/entry for $1,000 grand prize in each genre.)

Submissions for the 3rd Annual Sowell Emerging Writers Prize (a full manuscript in fiction whether novel or short stories or other, published by Texas Tech University Press, with a prize of $1,000) are open September 15 - November 15, 2024. ($25/entry.)

ARTerrain and Letter to America submissions are open and are accepted year-round. (No entry fee, $50 paid per contribution.)

Our online, place-based journal accepts only the finest poetry, essays, fiction, articles, artwork, videos, and other contributions—material that reaches deep into the earth’s fiery core, or humanity’s incalculable core, and brings forth new insights and wisdom. We are seeking work in English (or translation) from around the world, and particularly Indigenous, Native, Black, Brown, and other historically marginalized and underrepresented voices as we expand contributions relating to social, environmental, and climate justice. All accepted submissions by writers of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, women, and/or other marginalized communities whose contributions explore place particularly in the context of social, environmental, or climate justice are considered for our annual Editor's Prize of $500 per genre.

Terrain.org pays all regular contributors $50 for each submission published.

We do our best to respond to general submissions within five months and Letter to America and ARTerrain submissions within six weeks. Please do not submit regular submissions more than once every six months unless invited to do so.

If you are a former Terrain.org contributor, or we have spoken with you at an event such as AWP, please remind us in your cover letter.

View our full submission guidelines at www.terrain.org/submit.

Thank you for your interest in submitting a Letter to America to Terrain.org, open once again for submissions.

Please submit your prose, poetry, visual art-based, video, or other Letter to America (generally up to 1,500 words) in a single document. Photos or other graphics may be inserted into the document, but if accepted will be requested as separate files. 

View our recent Letters to America at www.terrain.org/category/letter-to-america. And learn more about our Dear America project, plus find an amazing array of Letter to America teaching resources, at www.terrain.org/dear-america.

Thank you for your interest in submitting to Terrain.org's ARTerrain gallery and artist feature.

Please submit your ARTerrain narrative or query in a single document, which may included embedded images or links to images (as well as links to video/audio). Up to 20 images may also be uploaded with your document. The images should be no less than 1600 pixels wide, when possible.

View our recent ARTerrain features at www.terrain.org/category/arterrain.

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